Battle Report

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The following is the only surviving record of the battle between the forces of the Grey Knights and the Crimson Sons of Vengeance on the planet of Caldari Prime, 2 Oct M2 – Stored in Datavault XR3-254-58*V, Moon of Titan, sealed by order of the Ordo Malleus, Access Level Vermillion

The war for Caldari Prime was over. The forces of the Arch-Fiend of Baroth were routed, put to the sword by the mightiest heroes of the Imperium. While the Ba’al Strike Force of the Crimson Sons of Vengeance, under the command of the Sanguinary Priest Silvio had routed the armies of the plains and the hives, the Grey Knights, led by the 8th Company Librarian Salvor, had struck deep behind the enemy lines, slaying the Arch-Fiends sorcerers and preventing a daemonic incursion of apocalyptic proportion. And had fate been kind, that is where it would have ended. But in the 41st millennium, fate is never kind.

It was in the last day of the war that the Crimson Sons of Vengeance came upon the horrors unleashed by Chaos. There, in a vault in the middle of the hive of Dersus, they found their lost brothers. 3 Death Company Marines, chained to totems bearing blasphemous runes, flesh marked by foul sigils and reeking of the Warp. But they were not the first to arrive at the vault. The Inquisition, ever mindful of the threat posed by Chaos, had searched for the source of a powerful aura detected by the Astropaths of their force. They had found these Marines… and they were studying them. Sanguinary Priest Silvio, enraged at the desecration of his Chapters fallen, demanded that the Inquisition leave his brothers to his care, that they would be granted the Emperor’s Peace. The Inquisition refused, they were slaughtered to the last man.

The Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus are not known for their mercy. An order was sent that only those of the Ordo could give. The ultimate sanction was given in a single breath. “Kill the Crimson Sons of Vengeance.” And so, in the ruins of Dersus, the sons of the Emperor faced off to do battle.

Order of Battle

Grey Knights                                                Crimson Sons of Vengeance
HQ – Librarian with 3x Paladins               Sanguinary Priest with 5x Sanguinary Guard
Interceptor Squad                                        2x Tactical Squads, 1x Death Company Squad
Land Raider Helios                                     2x Ba’al Predators with Flamestorm Cannons
Dreadnought – Lascannons and                2x Razorbacks with Lascannons
Missile Launcher
Razorback with Psycannons
Turn 1

The Grey Knights deployed first. Using his Warlord Trait, the Librarian, accompanied by 3 Paladins, deep-striked into the enemies rear. Librarian Salvor unleashed his psychic powers, but against the Sanguinary Priest Silvio and his Sanguinary Guard, they were for nought. And so, the Grey Knights resorted to more conventional weapons. 2 Sanguinary Guard were killed in a hail of storm bolter and psycannon fire. First Blood to the Warriors of Titan. The Grey Knights Land Raider Helios opened fire against a Blood Angel Razorback, its first lascannon blast penetrating and setting off its power core, causing it to explode, killing one of the Tactical Marines inside.

The Crimson Sons of Vengeance, not to be outdone, went on the offensive. A Razorback and Ba’Al Predator opened fire on the Grey Knights Land Raider and Dreadnought, missing by only the slimmest of margins. A second Ba’al Predator, on the right flank, rushed a squad of Grey Knights Interceptors. Using its flamestorm cannon, more than half of the squad was burned to ash, perishing without firing a single shot. At this moment, the Blood Angel HQ charged the Grey Knights HQ. Storm bolters raised and psycannons braced, 3 Sanguinary Guard were cut down in Overwatch. Sanguinary Priest Silvio, Enraged by the deaths of his brothers, took the battle into close combat. He strikes were fast, and fierce, 7 attacks in the space of a heartbeat. A Paladin was struck, taking a Wound. But the Elites of Titan, working in concert, struck 3 mighty blows, felling the Crimson Sons of Vengeance Warlord.

Turn 2

The Grey Knights Interceptor squad, now at less than half strength, teleported towards friendly lines to evade the Ba’al Predator. Once they arrive they attempt to use their incinerator on the Death Company. The flames washed over them, doing no harm to their armour or their bodies. Now, the Grey Knights turned their attention to the Tactical Squad. Librarian Salvor, harnessing the power of the Warp, crushed a Blood Angel into pulp. The Paladins opened fire, felling one in a hail of shells. Lascannons opened up from the Grey Knights, striking a Razorback and a Ba’al Predator. In desperation, the Land Raider deployed its Whirlwind Launcher against the squad of Death Company rampaging down the centre. Friendly fire was avoided by the narrowest of margins. The Grey Knights Razorback attempted to engage the Death Company charging down the centre, but were unable to land a single blow.

Crimson Sons of Vengeance vehicles continued to press forward, rushing the Grey Knights in an attempt to force them back. It was time for the Death Company to come into its own. Enraged at the sight of their Priest going down, they charged the Razorback, tearing into it with chain sword and blade. 20 attacks made short work of the vehicle, its armour rent, its crew butchered to a man.

Turn 3

The Grey Knights moved to consolidate their position. 2 Crimson Sons of Vengeance vehicles were torn asunder in quick succession. The Dreadnought, drawing upon centuries of experience, wrecked a Razorback with its lascannons, causing it’s crew to abandon the vehicle. In a flurry of Las, the Grey Knights Land Raider put a Ba’al Predator out of action once and for all. The Grey Knights HQ opened fire on the Tactical Squad, causing its last member to flee the field.

The remainder of the Crimson Sons of Vengeance force, realizing the precariousness of their situation, acted swiftly. The last remaining Ba’al Predator, accompanied by the Death Company, rushed to their objective, the Warp Beacon set to call in Grey Knights reinforcements. The last Tactical Squad was not out of the fight yet. They unleashed a flurry of bolter shells at the Paladins, wounding one. It was then that Brother SILVIO dealt a tremendous blow. His melta, true of aim, punched through a Paladin from front to back. He fell, dead, before he could utter a single syllable.

Turn 4

Grey Knights armour continued its unopposed destruction of Crimson Sons of Vengeance vehicles. The Land Raider Immobilized the last remaining Ba’al Predator, followed swiftly by putting a lascannon blast straight through a member of the Death Company. The Dreadnought followed up with another lascannon blast into the stationary Predator. At the other end of the field, the Grey Knights HQ fired up, then charged the remaining Tactical Marines. They were quickly overrun and cut down, their bolters and sword unable to stand up to the sanctified weapons of the 666th Chapter.

The Death Company, in a rare moment of conscious thought, ran for the objective their commander had given them. On reaching the coordinates, they found what they were looking for, a Teleport Beacon, set to call in reinforcements from the Grey Knights Battle Barge orbiting above. With a roar of furious anger, they tore it to pieces, capturing the Objective.

Turn 5

The battle moved into the end game. The Land Raider, not finished with the enemy armor, wrecked the last remaining Crimson Sons of Vengeance Ba’al Predator. It was quickly followed by another blast into the vehicle, ensuring the threat was gone for good. The Grey Knights HQ moved to their objective. They captured what their Inquisitorial masters had wanted found, a datacore, containing all the data the Crimson Sons of Vengeance had found with their tormented brothers. How the mysterious members of the Ordo Malleus will use this data, and to what end, only time, and the God-Emperor of Mankind can know…