Trench War

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The initial strike had been a resounding success. With Commanding Chaplain Alvoro orchestrating every strike as a duelist only could and with First Captain Diogo being the tip of the blade to cut out and cut down the cancer that was Chaos and its followers upon Kavillion Secondus, the Crimson Sons of Vengeance had established an Imperial Foothold and began to move deeper into the unkept wilds of this once Agriworld. That was when the trench war for humanity’s survival in Symeon began.

The deeper the Sons went, the larger the group of needy and desolate became. Humans of all sorts were found on what had once been a very small culture of a world. Men who claimed to be from star systems and even some from times past were now found on Kavillion Secondus and all were found in chains. This was an unforeseen wrinkle in the Commanding Chaplain’s plans to free this world in the name of the Angel and the Most High Seated on Terra. Not that the high command had not imagined that life would still be worth saving on these worlds, but that after the horrors ordeals they had suffered together, they believed that very little of it would remain. And so, cervitor prognosis of this Campaign which had been estimated at 2 years with very little causalities had to be revised with the most optimistic ones being approximated at nearly a decade long trench war.

It was this trench war that Alvoro now directed, at times from his battle barge Endovelico, at others in the face of his enemies dismembering and purging them from the face of Secondus with the blade of the power axe known as The Angel’s Lament. It was this same blade that Alvoro let fall to the ground as he stepped foot into the war room of the Endovelico. He removed his helm and wiped the sweat and grime from his face to find those brethren of the high command awaiting him. These meetings had at first been moments of rejoicing among these brothers, but had now turned into very short discussions of the battles won, lost and those at hand. Each knew that a wasted moment here could mean months or years more of warfare back on the ground below. Alvoro nodded to the Chapter’s First Captain.

“My Lord.” Diogo began. “we now have a foothold on Evaristus. The Capital is once again the Angel’s to admire.”

After the initial encounters and the swift deaths of The Enemy’s forces on those first days of the fighting, the Crimson Sons First Company had experienced many more a difficulty and much more of a staunch presence from the cultists and chaos marines of the Dark Gods. A tactical victory mere miles from the Capital had allowed convoys of re-enforcement to burst through the lines of foul traitors but yet again Alvoro’s brothers had been stopped within the Capital itself. Alvoro now simply nodded as the confirmation that the joint efforts of the 1st and 2nd companies had been enough to drive the ennemy out. His gaze shifted to High Priest Benedito in his ceremonial robes. The man who had most recently led the charge into the plains of Kavillion Secondus had been forced himself to rest on the battle barge and heal what wounds he had sustained. The insult of being kept from the battle left him in a sour mood indeed, but not an ineffective one.

“May you relate my thanks to Demetrio and his Wrathful. Although slower then the 7th, they are certainly thorough.”

Alvoro knew of the nickname that the 9th reserve company had earned these past years. The Wrathful were the Tactical Reserve Company of the Crimson Sons of Vengeance. Although without the jump packs of the 6th and 7th Assault Reserve Companies or the armament of the 8th Devastator Reserve Company, The Wrathful prided themselves in there relentless march to crush all by bolter fire or simply underfoot.

“Heh. So the Jaws of Cerberus feasted well?” Asked the Commanding Chaplain referring to the Captain of the 9th’s nearly 7 foot long chainsword.

Benedito simply shook his robed head and walked out of the chamber, his duty done. Alvoro could feel the anxiety and anticipation in the man. All he wanted was to heal so that he could relieve these heretics of the lives they so willingly wasted. The moment of mirth passed and Meendez was the next to speak. The Chief Librarian has taken the 3rd, 4th and 5th companies deeper still into the forsaken world as the Vanguard of the force were stalled at Evaristus. As the Librarian reported the stalled status of all three battle companies in the wild terrain of the planet, a vox request interrupted him and pulled the men back into the reality of this campaign.

“Speak brother.” Commanded Alvoro, knowing that it was one of the scouts spread across the Symeon System.

“Lord Chaplain. This may not be the best of times, but we have had two urgent reports that require your verdict my Lord.” The scout sounded young, it was then not the captain of the 10th, but possibly someone else that Roque sent to report back to the high command.

“We have found the presence of Xenos amidst the other worlds of Symeon. Specifically what seems a small fortress of the Xenos know as the Tau.”

“Another wrinkle this blasted Sector keeps hiding from us.” Growled Meendez, but Alvoro silenced the Chief Librarian to hear what to him would be the worst of the news.

“Also Lord, the Ruinous Powers seem to be scheming against us. Many of my brethren have noticed that they are not going for the kill in most fronts. We have come to believe that this isn’t a large force, but the same smaller force that has been using the sheep of there flock among the people of this planet to simply slow us down. In fact, we have come to understand that another of the Traitor Marine force has been amassing on the other side of this world in the Archipelagos. They aren’t preparing an assault or digging in for a defense. They seem only to be…searching for something.”

All three men stared at each other, realizing now that as they thought they held the hand to be played, they were in fact being played. Meendez spat in disgust on the floor as Diogo marched out to find Benedito. Alvoro placed his helm back on his head and picked up The Angel’s Lament. Immediately issuing orders for any and all to respond to this call of arms. The 6th reserve and 4th battle companies were made available. The first to deal with this Tau threat, uproot it and secure the System for the Crimson Sons, the second to infiltrate the archipelagos of Kavillion Secondus and find whatever prize the Ruinous Powers desired on this world and claim it in the Angel’s name.

(Remembrancer Note: The struggles of the 6th Reserve Company of the Crimson Sons of Vengeance is found in another pict file.)