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Being the closest to the Symeon Star, Donau is a planet of perpetual heat. Days of 85 Degrees Centigrade and nights of 45 Degrees Centigrade are the norm on this world which has left its surface barren without any vegetation and with very few bodies of water. Combining the dryness of its air and the intensity of its gravity, nearly 4 times that of Terra, Donau was discovered to be a planetary mine rich in copper and iron ores.


Kavillion Secondus
Having reconquered a foothold in the Symeon system, the Crimson Sons of Vengeance elected to have Kavillion Secondus be there homeworld. It is a vast planet very similar to Terra in climate, geography and gravitational pull. Once the taint of Slaanesh was removed from the world, it’s people began to exit from hiding and returned to mend the homes and lands they loved. Kavillion Secondus is the younger of the two Kavillions that had once been in the Symeon System and is known as such for its Feudal sociopolitical landscape, compared to Prime’s Civilized Classification. The people of Secondus have taken to the Sons as guardians and as equals on many ethical grounds and views. It is sometimes unclear whether the Sons were meant for Secondus or if Secondus was waiting for the Sons.


It is unsure as to whether the destruction of Kavillion Prime or the subsequent Chaos occupation of the system turned the once Feral World of Rhetorician into the Death World it is today but one thing is clear, it is inhabitable. Afflicted by gale force winds and toxic rain storms the planet itself is a living and growing pollution. The storms and climate seem to be getting worse and worse as time passes and there are questions being raised by Imperial Officials if the Planet itself should not be quarantined. It has however produced some high grade Uranium as well as other “resources”. Being the closest planet to Kavillion Prime’s corpse, it is the one that is frequently hit by Prime’s wandering fragments.


Kavillion Prime
It was Kavillion Prime, Civilized Homeworld of the Venom Angels Space Marine Chapter. It was a planet proud of it’s Chapter and full of life. It is now nothing more than a desolate, shattered husk. What remains of Prime can scarcely be called a Planet anymore, however the deteriorating gravitational pull of the planet seems to be keeping the shards together in the semblance of it’s old shape. With every passing year though, another piece of prime escapes from the pull and finds itself forever wandering space or landing on one of the other planets of the Symeon System. It is rumored though that the destruction of Kavillion Prime may have not destroyed everything from the Venom Angels as rumors of artifacts, weapons and armor circle the planet in almost larger quantities than the asteroids that form it. It has also been rumored that the Crimson Sons of Vengeance keep an eternal, honorary vigil upon the surface of Prime and that any who have ventured there without there clear consent has yet to be seen or heard from since.