Dolchiate Sector


+++Kavillion Secondus, Symeon System, Dolchiate Section, Imperium Nihilus+++
A scar has torn through our skies. No matter if the sun rises or sets, it remains there as a gaping wound wishing to devour the heavens. Names have been given to it. But I shall not name it. We have lost all communication with surrounding sectors and the light of the Astonomican shines no more. May the Emperor still sit on His throne on Terra and may the Angel still watch over our cousins and His Homeworld, Baal.
We have heard of the invasion of The Angel’s homeworld. Heard the call and been forced to have our response lost due to the apparition of this vile scar. I dare not send the brothers I had intended at Commander Dante’s request as their blood is more valuable than the lost message.

We have recently received confirmation from Chaplain Cesar and the 4th Company. They still chase after the vile fiends that hide within Rott. It seems that with the appearance of this scar, they may not be forced to hide any longer. We are to expect other arch traitors to join the fray and attempt to take these worlds from Man.

We are isolated and hidden from the Emperor’s Light. Deaf to our cousin’s pleas and blind to our own sector’s woes. But far from unable to answer the call and defend humanity in the face of horrors from without and within. We have entered this milenia unbowed and will not relent. If this message reaches Terra, know that we Crimson Sons Stand. If not, then the Emperor and the Angel know and that will suffice.

-Commanding Chaplain Alvoro
Chapter Master
Crimson Sons of Vengeance